Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trump's Big Mouth Comes Back To Haunt Him: Pleading The Fifth

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Trump's Big Mouth Comes Back To Haunt Him: Pleading The Fifth

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Married Couple Say Trump Defrauded Them Of $36,000.00 But Will Vote For Him Anyway

"Frog Hospital's" Fred Owens And "Pax" Discuss Camille Paglia (With Implications For Trump)

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Another gem from Misanthropic Humanitarian's Quotes of the Day over at AOSHQ: "Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist." ---Camille Paglia
I found this quote thanks to Zane Bardwick. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but that is what I love about Camille Paglia. She is the patron saint of all who don 't fit in. She could never get a good teaching job at a university because she does not belong to an identifiable faction...... Camille can't help being anybody but herself. Often wrong, but never in doubt. My hero.


Snowbirds! Why Settle For Florida? Oaxacan Culture Retreat Offers It All - Affordably!

Hierve El Agua, Oaxaca State

Alan: If you are interested in Oaxaca, Mexico as a "snowbird" alternative to Florida, my Oaxacan friends and I are creating a "cultural retreat-residence" that will open two weeks before Día de los Muertos this October.  

We have designed our "Retiro" for itelligent, aware seniors (perhaps with a Peace Corps, Foreign Service or professorial background) who seek an affordable "turnkey operation" that provides comfortable lodging in a gorgeous setting, three great meals a day, and more onsite (and offsite) cultural opportunities than any Mexican "lodging" we are aware of.

Onsite Opportunities include 
(but are not limited to):

Mexican cooking lessons with Sra. Julieta Sibaja and staff.

Guided expeditions to Oaxaca's vegetable, fruit, meat and fish markets.

Free Spanish language instruction with Profesora Alma Delia Blas Lavariaga.

Alma was born in Juchitán de Zaragoza where Oaxaca State narrows into the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and worked in economics until becoming a teacher of Spanish-As-A-Second-Language in 1988. Alma is smart, cheerful and eager to serve, a lovely woman who enjoys sharing her culture with students.

In addition to free weekly classes, you may also opt for Spanish instruction while "breaking bread" at "the Oaxacan restaurant of your choice," or you may select from our own carefully chosen list of "upscale" -- and "down-home" -- eateries.

"Live" música latina concerts every two weeks. 

Latin dance instruction.

Expert massage.

On-site Yoga studio and Yoga instruction.

Traditional Native American Temescal (steam bath).

Medical consultation (and referrals) with "on-call" physicians.

Offsite Opportunities:

Offsite opportunities include a free round-trip taxi ride (one per day) to downtown Oaxaca. Our team of trusted taxistas is at your service. 
You will determine your departure time - and your return time. 

We also offer very affordable guided tours to all Oaxaca's surrounding "craft towns," archaeological ruins, historic sites (including Benito Juarez lovely hometown of Guelatao), Colonial Churchs, mescalerias, weekly tianguis (markets), and geological marvels, not least of which is "Hierve el Agua" pictured above.

Craft Classes in collaboration with Huizache, a Oaxacan handcraft cooperative comprised of 70 families.

Sonotherapy - Sonoterapia
... an indescribably delightful experience of traditional music. 

Cheer for Oaxaca's Triple A baseball team, Los Guerreros de Oaxaca

Cheer for Oaxaca's professional soccer team "Los Alebrijes de Oaxaca."

"El Retiro" also coordinates tours with "Fundación En Vía," an exemplary micro-finance NGO that makes loans available to Oaxacan women.

"Dental Tourism" 
(Finally! Get your teeth "taken care of" at a small fraction of the cost "en el norte.")

"El Retiro Pájaros De Nieve" requests a minimum stay of two weeks at a per person weekly cost of $600.00 dollars (U.S.) based on double occupancy.

"El Retiro" is almost "too good to be true."

Why settle for Florida?

We invite you to sign up now.

Space is limited. 

"El Retiro Pájaros De Nieve" occupies the grounds of La Villada, an Inn/Compound envisioned, built and operated by la familia Sibaja.

"Nuestra casa es tu casa."

We pick you up at Oaxaca's International airport (OAX); return you to airport; and treat you como familia during the weeks (or months) that we have the pleasure to serve you.

Hasta pronto compañeros!

La Villada
For more information, please contact me at

(Our website will be online by mid-June, 2018.)